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About us
Fundación Las Rosas is a catholic, private, non-profit foundation. Since 1967 it provides shelter to the poor, abandoned and destitute senior citizens in Chile, those who own nothing and have absolutely no-one, live in the Fundación´s 40 homes throughout the country.    Fundación Las Rosas offers them a home, food, clothing, medical and psychiatric attention, physical therapy, occupational workshops and spiritual company. 
In the homes, the residents are welcomed, fed and professionally assisted. The weakest ones are helped; workshops are organized, recreational, spiritual and social activities are developed and the elderly are prepared for their final encounter with the Lord.
Father Andrés Ariztía de Castro is the present Chaplain and Executive Vice-President of the Foundation. He replaced Monsignor Sergio Correa Gac, the founder and leader of this institution for the past 30 years.
The foundation assists 2.400 poor and abandoned senior citizens in 40 homes located from the 4th to the 8th regions of Chile. Only 8% of the residents in the homes are physically able elders and the remaining 92% are bedridden or need assistance to carry out daily tasks. We have homes for women, men, and couples. We also have homes for those with psychiatric disabilities, and one home for retired priests (our local church has very few resources).   Despite all our efforts we still have a waiting list of 690 elderly.
Third Age situation in Chile
As per the data obtained in the Census 2002, 11.4% of Chilean population is over 60 years old. Who had established that a country’s population is considered aged when over 10% of its population is older than 60 years. These demographic standards are common to developed countries. In Chile, a developing country in many aspects, elderly people usually live in very deficient conditions. From the total of 1.7 million elderly people living in our country, 15,5% percent of them are located in the lowest fifth income rate. This means that there are near 263.500 elderly people living in extreme poverty.
- Census information: INE - Instituto Nacional de Estadísticas a Govermental organization in charge of Census.
- Poverty rates: MIDEPLAN - Ministerio de Planificación y Cooperación a Govermental Organization that makes social policies and strategies
"To give refuge, food and company to poor and helpless elderly people and assist them in their health and in their final encounter with the Lord, keeping them united with family and society in a dignified and active way"
We understand the act of giving refuge is a way of providing warmth, care and affection, which is similarly found in a real home. We are a support for the residents, leading them daily to Christ and strengthening their bonds with their families, their peers and society.
We seek to provide an adequate environment as well as the means for our old people to keep active and feel in charge of their own lives, with a transcendent Christian sense, because many elderly people do play a part in their own peculiar way in living a full life.
Their prayers, their offers, their testimonies of faith and transmission of values to the new generations are a treasure we have to praise.
To be, as an institution of the Catholic Church, a source of inspiration and a testimony of love and service to elderly people.

They have been a primordial part of the history of the foundation, with a strong signature from the founder Monsignor Sergio Correa and Father Andrés Ariztía. They are:
- Christian charity, to serve the elderly as if it is Christ that we are serving. 
- Faith and hope ineternal life.
- Commitment to the family, as the basic unit of the society.
- Respect a persons dignity, particularly the elderly.
- Solidarity and justice, so that residents can enjoy a quality old age after having given everything
- Austerity in everything we do.
- Responsibility for the work entrusted to us as an institution
- Joy and kindness to the elderly and as a team to serve the residents.
- Integrity and transparency in response to the trust placed in Fundación Las Rosas by the community, donors and partners.
 - Excellence in service in response to our love for Christ and the elderly.
A Brief Story
Fundación Las Rosas was founded in 1967 to rescue several homes for the elderly that were under the direction of a number of financially troubled parishes. Monsignor Santiago Tapia Carvajal, then the director of Caritas Santiago, presented the project of an institution that would manage and take care of these troubled homes for Santiago’s Archbishop. On December of that year the project takes the form of the “Fundación de Ayuda Fraterna”. This name would later be changed to Fundación Las Rosas.
Monsignor Sergio Correa took over the foundation in 1972, when the construction of only half of the first building had been completed. This first building, called “Mary’s Heart”, would be the very first home of our foundation. 
Over the years, other properties were acquired and others built in different areas of Santiago and more recently, in other regions of our country.
Daily Encounter with the Lord:
The spiritual company provided to the residents is essential to help them live this stage of their lives peacefully and close to God.  In this way, they strengthen their faith and acquire a sense of transcendence.
Thirteen religious congregations of different nationalities spiritually accompany the old people day by day. Weekly, the Chaplain in each home celebrates Mass and gives Communion to the sick residents, and daily the Holy Rosary is prayed.
Life in the homes:
In the 40 homes of Fundación Las Rosas, residents live in a Christian family environment, while they carry out several recreational activities.  These activities also help to reinforce cognitive and motor abilities, an issue that at the Foundation is addressed through workshops on handicrafts, horticulture, art crafts, folklore, computer, carpentry, etc. At these workshops the interaction and mutual help among the old people is essential to keep them active and to assist them to find new abilities.
Most of the workshops are developed by Occupational Therapists from the Foundation, who design each activity as a real contribution for participants.  The residents can voluntarily choose to attend these workshops. 
Additionally, there are therapeutic gyms where the elderly people are helped by kinesiologists to rehabilitate and reduce their physical impairment.
For those fortunate to have families nearby, we provide meetings with the residents’ families and courses are periodically held in order to keep family members close to the Foundation. The family is a decisive element in the elderly´s state of mind; they feel loved and valued when they receive their visit.   The family’s company makes them feel as an effective part of the society and encourages them to give their testimony of life and faith.
A constant effort is made at Fundación Las Rosas to keep and improve each resident’s quality of life, seeking to contribute to their autonomy and independence for as long as possible.
Health professionals, nurses, nutritionists, kinesiologists and occupational therapists help prevent complications in residents with chronic illness and speed up rehabilitation in some cases.
Functional Valuation of Residents (2010), according to Katz Index
Monthly Maintenance Cost in Chilean Pesos
Independent / valent
( app. US$ 595)
Semi - valent
( app. US$ 620)
No valent
( app. US$ 745)
Dependents, or non valents, need help to carry out all of their daily activities (for personal care, feeding amongst other things)
Semi-independents or semi valents need help to carry out some tasks.
Independents or valents have full physical independence to carry out daily routines.

The average cost per resident attention is $331.400 Chilean pesos (app- US$676)
Fundación Las Rosas is financed only through the generosity of charity with many thanks to the good faith of its donors, all resources being exhaustively controlled by internal and external management.
Accordingly, the Foundation’s accounts are audited every year by Humphreys y Cía, who in their most recent report stated as follows: “the aforesaid financial statements reasonably show Fundación Las Rosas de Ayuda Fraterna’s financial position, in all its significant aspects, (…), according to the Chilean generally accepted accounting principles.”
The Internal Audit area is also permanently reviewing the process in order that it adheres to the rules established by the Foundation, thereby ensuring the institution’s correct management.
On December 2010, Fundación Las Rosas obtained the ISO 9001:2008 certification for the activities: Process of Accounting and Finance: Income and Expense Management.
The most important finance source of Fundación Las Rosas is the monthly contribution made by FRIENDS (generous people that donate a quota monthly). The remaining percentage is divided into contributions, recovery from services, sporadic donations, charity events and services.
The funds are mainly allocated to the care of the elderly people, providing them with health, nutrition and spiritual company.

Expenses as of December 2012 YTD

Incomes as of December 2012 YTD

From a total of $14,043,392,571 Chilean pesos

From a total of $ 13,424,145,592 Chilean pesos

Direct care of elderly residents








Basic Services


Recovery from Services




Events and campaigns




Sporadic donations






Deficit 2012 : $ 610,246,979 Chilean pesos (USD 1,310,242).

Note: deficit will be financed with the payment of the Agreement Fonasa A during the first quarter 2013.

Ways to Help
Become a FRIEND of Fundación Las Rosas!
Friends are those who generously donate a monthly quota to the institution. They represent 45.3% of the Foundation’s income.
If you would like to make a contribution in money to Fundación Las Rosas, you can:
In Chile:
- make a deposit in BCI Bank Account No. Nº 10439323.
Through the Internet:
 -   make your donation with a credit card on the website
 -   make on-line donations in current account through your bank’s fund transfer service. See accounts:
Current Account No.
Required data for transfer: 
Name                      : Fundación Las Rosas
Taxpayer ID (RUT) :  70.543.600-2
E-mail                     :
From Abroad:
In case you would like to donate from abroad, please see the documents attached:
For U.S. Dollars see
For EURO see
We sincerely thank you for your contribution. Please advise us of your donation through the Telephone No. (562) 737 4394 or by mail to:, stating your data and date of contribution and we will send you the corresponding donation certificate *.
 (*) Tax benefit for Chilean Companies
Donations made by your company receive a donation certificate that may be applied in accordance with Law No. 3063 (accepted expense) and deducted from the gross taxable income or be affected to the new Donations law.
Main Contacts:
Fundación Las Rosas (Main Offices)
Rivera 2005, Independencia
Santiago, Chile
Phone/fax: + 56 2 737 4394
Social Assistance
Vivaceta 590, Independência
Santiago, Chile
Phone: +56 2 730 7152
AMIGOS office (Friends)
Ahumada 131, piso 3, oficina 322.
Santiago, Chile
Phone: +56 2 697 1498
Servicios que Ayudan (coronas de caridad y tarjetas de saludo)
Rivera 2005, Independencia
Santiago, Chile
Phone: +56 2 730 7195 or 730 7197
Office in IV Region
Av. Cuatro Esquinas 523, sector El Milagro
La Serena
Phone: +56 51 296 121
Office in V Region
14 Norte 628, Viña del Mar
Phone: +56 32 268 8888
Office in VIII Region
Phone: +56 41 252 1111 or 252 1591
Office in XIV Region
Manuel Bulnes 591, Valdivia.

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